Mobile Camera Security supplies 56 POLE-CAMS to City of Gold Coast for Overt Surveillance


Who We Worked With: City of Gold Coast

This project commenced in 2022 as Mobile Camera Security was selected to provide our Australian-designed, owned and made POLE-CAM solution.

The Opportunity: Overt Surveillance

The City of Gold Coast required portable, vandal-resistant and conspicuous surveillance systems to be set up and transported across the region over 4 years.

These systems are popular with local councils and law enforcement agencies across Australia to assist in deterring crime and antisocial behaviour.

The Solution: The Mobile Camera Security POLE-CAM

Our POLE-CAM Solution was perfect for this project, allowing for easy transport and placement of these mobile surveillance systems to any areas of concern as needed.

POLE-CAMs are an ideal short-to-medium-term solution for users who require a temporary or easily transportable surveillance and power platform. Leasing options allow for easy and flexible procurement.

All ongoing logistics and technical support for this project are fully managed by Mobile Camera Security, creating a seamless, reliable and stress-free experience for the client.

MCS delivered our very own Australian-made, owned and manufactured POLE-CAMs, a solar-powered tilt pole system, to required locations utilising local crane truck subcontractors.

These POLE-CAMs were custom-configured for this project to include 4x CCTV cameras providing 360 degrees of high-resolution video recording 24/7, uptimes exceeding 99.9995% over the first year and in excess of 2 million hours of footage recordings.

Overt Surveillance
Overt Surveillance
Overt Surveillance
Overt Surveillance