Cube-Cam: Portable CCTV Solutions

Your answer to portable CCTV solutions! Rapidly forklift the Cube-Cam to any location, as you need it

Cube-Cam is the premium, portable CCTV solution available for rapid deployment in any area of concern. Cube-Cam contains its entire power source and requires minimal space to deploy. With no need for additional network and power infrastructure, Cube-Cam reduces costs, protects valuable assets and monitors areas such as construction sites, events or public spaces for law enforcement. View live and recorded footage from PC or mobile at any time.


Access CCTV footage on mobile and PC, from anywhere in the world


Cube-Cam is the size of a standard freight pallet. This makes transporting simple by using existing infrastructure. For example, trucks, forklifts and pallet jacks


Cube-Cam is a portable CCTV solution available with solar power, lithium batteries or diesel to suit you

Custom-built portable CCTV solutions made in Australia,
to suit your requirements

The benefits of Portable CCTV Solutions include:
  • Minimise theft with heightened visibility of staff, contractors, visitors and intruders
  • Crystal clear, 360°, birds-eye elevated view
  • 4G or Wireless
  • Easy to transport via forklift
  • Vision in even the darkest locations
  • Motion and movement sensing (even outside the camera’s field of view)
  • HD, evidence-quality recording 
  • Instant alarm notifications to nominated device/s
  • Stays awake 24/7 and never takes holidays!
Cube-Cam portable cctv solution on roadside of construction site
Use Portable CCTV Solutions on Any Site

Cube-Cam is a drop and go, pallet-sized surveillance system ready for rapid deployment in areas of concern. Protect your assets or monitor a site without the need for established network or power infrastructure.

This portable CCTV solution offers a sturdy 6-metre mast for ultimate surveillance of your designated area. 

Monitor staff activity, surveil events in HD quality and relocate with ease at any time.

This Portable CCTV Solution is Ideal For

  • Surveilling illegal activities (i.e. vandalism, waste dumping, hooning)
  • Events
  • Temporary Monitoring
  • Short and Long-Term Deployment
  • Protests
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Construction Worksites
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Infrastructuring Monitoring
  • Community Monitoring
  • Road Works
  • Site Monitoring
The Cube-Cam Features:
  • 6-Metre Mast
  • Solar, Diesel, Mains or Battery
  • Remote Monitoring System
The Cube-Cam Features:
  • CCTV Camera
  • Forklift Relocation
  • Remote Notification System

12 Month Guarantee

24/7 Customer Support

Australian Made

Optional Extras For Your Cube-Cam Portable CCTV Solution

Each of our Australian designed and manufactured portable CCTV solutions are custom built for your exact requirements. Optimise asset protection your way with a selection of optional extras. Perhaps you have a particular camera in mind, or an onsite alert system featuring flood lights, strobe lights and sirens is what you’re after. Let us know and we’ll make it happen. Get in touch for your free custom quote, where we can also include any of the following:

  • Variety of camera options
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Diesel generator, solar, mains or battery only 
  • Alarm system (flood lights, strobe lights, sirens)
  • Recording and live streams viewed through 4G or existing wireless network
  • Variety of onboard analytic options (ALPR, facial recognition and motion detection)

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