Mobile CCTV Unit for Inner City Urban Use

Our NEWEST and smallest security trailer sets up fast for efficient surveillance

Where space is limited, such as roadside areas, this cost-effective CCTV trailer rapidly deploys. Near silent and conveniently run via a petrol generator, our Australian designed and manufactured mobile CCTV unit delivers efficient security for even the tightest of locations.


Your mobile CCTV unit is petrol-powered to run for over a month before refuelling


Analytics-based person and vehicle detections provide immediate alerts for fast responses


Up to 4k quality recording and 4G/5G P2P wireless or Starlink compatibility

Your Most Compact Mobile CCTV Unit has Arrived

Petrol-Powered for 30+ Days of Deployment
  • Minimise anti-social behaviour with heightened visibility of staff, contractors, visitors and intruders
  • Motion and movement sensing (even outside the camera’s field of view)
  • Near silent automatic start-stop petrol generator for reliability
  • Option for instant alarm notifications to nominated device/s
  • High resolution PTZ with IR for nighttime monitoring
  • Easy to park and suited to cities or urban areas
  • Stays awake 24/7 and never takes holidays!
  • Easy towing and rapid deployment 
  • 4K, evidence-quality recording 
  • Alarm system with notifications
Portable Security Camera Trailer for Easy Surveillance in Minutes

Mobile Camera Security’s most compact surveillance trailer comes equipped with an automatic start-stop petrol-powered generator.

Offering rapid flexibility in changing environments, this portable security camera trailer is optimised for any event such as music festivals, protests and crowds.

Despite its lightweight body and compact design, this mobile security camera trailer offers premium surveillance and high definition recording.

The Urban CCTV Trailer is Ideal for

  • Music Festivals
  • Small Areas
  • Protests
  • Carparks
  • Crowds
  • Public Spaces
The Urban Mobile CCTV Trailer Features:
  • Customisable Camera
  • Lithium Battery Bank
  • Automatic Start-Stop Generator
  • Remote Video Monitoring System
The Urban Mobile CCTV Trailer Features:
  • 4k Camera Options
  • Easy Towing
  • Remote Power Monitoring
  • Rapid Deployment

National Warranty

24/7 Customer Support Available

Australian Owned, Designed & Manufactured

Additions for the Urban Mobile CCTV Trailer

If you require a security camera trailer small enough to be relocated using various vehicles, but large enough to offer surveillance for festivals, protests and crowds, this is the security solution for you. As well as boasting a convenient size and auto start-stop generator, we welcome you to explore a variety of additions. At Mobile Camera Security, each of our camera trailers is customised to you. 

Possible add-ons include:

  • 2-way voice communication
  • Alarm system (flood lights, strobe lights, sirens, loudspeaker)
  • Recording and live streams viewed through 4G/5G, satellite or Starlink
  • Variety of onboard analytic options (licence plate, facial, vehicle and/or object recognition)