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With 15 years experience, Mobile Camera Security is your go-to for surveillance trailers and mobile CCTV solutions. 

Mobile Camera Security is an innovative company specialising in designing and building premium, Australian-made security products. As Australian pioneers in custom-building and manufacturing solar-powered CCTV security trailers, we later expanded to offer diesel-powered mobile CCTV solutions and emerging designs. Today, we offer in-house design and engineering capabilities. 


We complete all research and development for your CCTV solutions in-house. Fitting and testing equipment first-hand is an advantage to our clients as this ensures each surveillance trailer is built with absolute precision. Our perfectionist team only uses the highest quality products in our world-class mobile CCTV solutions.


Here at Mobile Camera Security we wire and install every element of our products. This means you’ll receive helpful and knowledgeable customer support 24/7. We know where every wire, lead and fuse runs and how it all functions together. Troubleshooting over the phone is simple, and in the rare case you require further assistance, we’ll travel direct to you, anywhere in Australia.


Each Mobile Camera Security product is Australian compliant and tag-tested by qualified electricians. This applies to all wiring, whether DC or AC. So whether you choose from one of our existing models, or we custom build your CCTV trailer, you can rest easy knowing it’s electronically sound.

Mark Swan

Mobile Camera Security Owner

“You can count on us to offer premium products, remarkable support and honest advice for you and your corporation, event or organisation.”

 – Mark Swan

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Mobile CCTV expert Mark Swan founder of Mobile Camera Security sitting on surveillance trailer

Why choose a Mobile Camera Security Trailer?

Like you, we understand that security is serious business. It’s the eyes on the wall when you’re not around. And the point of protection for your valuable assets. It’s paramount you can rely on your CCTV security system 24/7. Your Mobile Camera Security trailer offers a plethora of advantages over traditional CCTV solutions.

Seamless CCTV Solutions

  • Autonomous drone capable
  • Vision in even the darkest locations
  • Long range detection & tracking 
  • Up to 4k, evidence-quality recording 
  • Crystal clear, 360°, birds-eye view
  • Unparalleled situational awareness
  • Rapid deployment for instant security
  • 4G/ 5G, P2P Wireless & Starlink options 
  • Real time alarm notifications to nominated device/s
  • Customisable payload for cameras, sensors, radars, thermal cameras
  • Analytic based person & vehicle detections for reliable & actionable notifications
  • Minimise anti-social behaviour with heightened visibility to staff, contractors, visitors and intruders
Who uses Mobile Camera Security products?
  • Government Departments
  • Event Companies
  • Mining Sites
  • Police
  • Defence Force
  • Gas Corporations
  • Councils
  • Construction Companies
  • Airforce
  • Security Companies
  • Railways
  • And more…

Use CCTV to monitor work places offsite

Deploy CCTV surveillance for the option to manage devices remotely. 

For example, your workplace’s management teams can monitor site locations to view:

  • Work progress
  • Safety procedures
  • Staff performance
  • Product deliveries
  • Traffic management
  • Location of assets and manpower
A mobile diesel trailer with a door open on the side to show the inner workings

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