Premium Mobile
Surveillance Trailers


Manage, monitor and control your assets 24/7 from anywhere in the world with custom-built CCTV trailers and mobile CCTV solutions. Proven to reduce security & monitoring costs while providing you with 24/7 recorded HD video.

Custom Built Mobile CCTV Trailers

Mobile Camera Security delivers mobile surveillance trailers for purchase

and hire across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Australia-wide.   


Your reliable mobile surveillance trailer is an independent mobile CCTV station, recording 24/7. Seamlessly transmit live footage to any location (mobile and computer) through 4G mobile networks, long range wireless P2P antennas, or wifi and satellite for remote areas.


All mobile CCTV solutions offer a crystal clear 360° birds eye view of your premises, day and night. High-definition megapixel infrared CCTV and PA speaker system capabilities enhance your security. Trigger remote and motion detected verbal warnings automatically.


Receive real-time email alerts direct to your device when your mobile CCTV trailer detects intruders. Flashing lights, blaring alarm sirens and verbal warning capabilities deter intruders and capture their every move.


Call any time day or night for direct customer support from Mobile Security Camera’s owner. Rest assured knowing each mobile surveillance camera comes with a 12 month guarantee and ongoing support any time you, or a member of your team require.

Rent or buy Australian-made mobile CCTV solutions

At Mobile Camera Security, we deliver CCTV trailers across Australia for purchase or hire, 7 days a week. Get in touch for your free quote today and optimise your companies spending with premium surveillance trailers onsite.

Solar Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Solar mobile CCTV solutions offer free video recording and transmission 24/7 from any location. Optimise company spending with the ‘security guard’ that never sleeps.

Diesel Mobile CCTV Trailers

In locations where weather restricts solar security surveillance, diesel options provide a reliable solution to your onsite CCTV needs. Plug into mains and use diesel as backup, or run 24/7 on diesel.

Hybrid Powered CCTV Trailer

This hybrid model offers the cost-effectiveness of solar CCTV with the reliability of diesel power for overcast weather. Protect your assets with a state of the art hybrid power source security camera trailer designed to handle the toughest conditions. 

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