Trailer Cams

CCTV Camera Trailers

Proven to reduce security & monitoring costs whilst providing you with 24/7 recorded HD video.

Manage, Monitor and Control your assets at any time from anywhere in the world.

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Each Trailer-Cam unit is an independent mobile CCTV station capable of recording and transmitting live video footage across the NextG mobile networks or via long range wireless P2P antennas. Along with Wi-Fi or Satellite options also available for remote areas.


Every trailer is created with its own internal on-board computer you can access remotely and securely. With its own local WiFi or remote 4/5G transmission, any authorised users can view a site location status from the boardroom, office, beach or anywhere in the world using any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Real-time Recording

Live footage can be viewed and monitored with event recording alarm warnings, sirens or lights so you will always be alerted if something does go wrong. This accessibility makes the Trailer- Cam perfect for monitoring workplaces for operational objectives.

Video Quality

The Trailer-Cam system features High Definition Megapixel Infrared Digital CCTV cameras to provide a consistently crystalclear, Rotational 360 degree bird’s eye view day and night. You will notice a significantly superior image compared to traditional optical camera capabilities.

Audio Capability

All Mobile Camera Security trailers can be fitted with PA speaker systems that enable remote or motion detected verbal warnings to intruders.