POLE-CAM: CCTV Pole Camera Surveillance Solutions

Hire or purchase a pole camera CCTV system to monitor any outdoor site

The Mobile Camera Security POLE-CAM is a self-contained and semi-permanent surveillance system set on a concrete block, with a tilt pole designed to be rapidly deployed with a crane truck. Unlike some cameras designed for pole installation, the POLE-CAM is easy to remove and redeploy in a new location as situations progress.

A popular surveillance choice for councils, no staff training is required. Allow us to swiftly install your pole camera with 400w solar and lithium battery backup.  View footage and live streams through 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi using an existing network.


Monitor live CCTV footage via mobile and PC using 4G/5G or Wi-Fi connections 


This affordable security alternative doesn’t require additional networks and power infrastructure


POLE-CAM’s compact system requires a small area, making it perfect for short and long-term surveillance, even in poor weather

POLE-CAM surveillance: like being a fly on the wall

The benefits of POLE-CAM CCTV Solutions include:
  • Proven reliability with 99.9994% uptime across millions of hours of recorded footage on the Gold Coast alone
  • Removable winch reduces the risk of the POLE-CAM’s pole being lowered by unauthorised parties
  • Minimise theft with heightened visibility of staff, contractors, visitors and intruders
  • Lithium battery provides multiple days of power, without solar input required
  • Tilt pole design allows for easy maintenance of high mounted equipment
  • Fully engineered solution for nationwide use and wind-region certified
  • Motion and movement sensing (even outside the camera’s field of view)
  • Instant alarm notifications to nominated device/s
  • Stays awake 24/7 and never takes holidays!
  • Crystal clear, 360°, birds-eye elevated view
  • Vision in even the darkest locations
  • HD, evidence-quality recording 
  • 4G, 5G and Wireless
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Case Study: POLE-CAM Surveillance

In late 2023, a category 3 cyclone tore through Queensland.

The Mobile Camera Security POLE-CAM systems were put to the test.

Impressively, each solar-powered deployed POLE-CAM system withstood the tough conditions and remained fully operational. This was largely thanks to the 2400kg concrete counterweight.

Our Australian designed and manufactured pole cameras are built to withstand the harshest conditions. From remote desert locations facing extreme heat to cyclonic winds.

These robust features make a Mobile Camera Security POLE-CAM a perfect-fit solution for local councils to monitor neighbourhoods, events and public spaces.

Mobile Camera Security is certified for all wind regions across Australia and offers POLE-CAMs for hire.

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Use POLE-CAM CCTV Solutions on Any Site | Hire or Buy

POLE-CAM is a semi-permanent surveillance solution where all valuable and sensitive equipment is high-mounted.

This works to reduce access to camera mechanics to reduce vandalism and tampering.

The POLE-CAM is ideal for community surveillance for safety and safe city projects.

Protect your assets or monitor a site without the need for established network or power infrastructure.

With its in-built, proven thermal design, this ensures operation in even the harshest Australian conditions.

The 2400kg counter-weight cement block is also increased to 3800kg in wind region C. 

This CCTV solution acts as a theft deterrent while also monitoring staff activity and events in HD quality.

Built for easy relocation, reposition with a crane truck.

This CCTV Solution is Ideal For

  • Surveilling illegal activities (i.e. vandalism, waste dumping, hooning)
  • Events
  • Temporary Monitoring
  • Short and Long-Term Deployment
  • Protests
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Construction Worksites
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Community Monitoring
  • Road Works
  • Site Monitoring
The POLE-CAM Features:
  • 400w Solar Panel
  • 4G, 5G Modem or P2P Wireless
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • 2400kg Concrete Counter Weight
  • 6.5m Height
The POLE-CAM Features:
  • Wide Range of CCTV Camera Options
  • Motion & Movement Sensing
  • Remote Notification System
  • Lithium Battery

12 Month Guarantee

24/7 Customer Support

Australian Made

Optional Extras For Your POLE-CAM CCTV Solution

Each of our Australian designed and manufactured CCTV solutions are custom built for your exact requirements. Optimise asset protection your way with a selection of optional extras. Perhaps you have a particular camera in mind. Or an onsite alert system featuring flood lights, strobe lights and sirens is what you’re after. Let us know and we’ll make it happen. Get in touch for your free custom quote, where we can also include any of the following:

  • Variety of camera options
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Defence specification version available
  • Onboard VMS recording server available
  • Diesel generator, solar, mains or battery only 
  • Alarm system (flood lights, strobe lights, sirens)
  • Recording and live streams viewed through 4G, 5G or existing wireless network
  • Variety of onboard analytic options (ALPR, facial recognition and motion detection)
  • Sure foot permanent footing as an alternative to concrete block base, dependent on requirements
  • Range of camera configurations, such as up to 4 x fixed cameras, 2 x PTZs and security radar surveillance

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