Discover Your Perfect Mobile CCTV Camera Trailer

Delivered across Australia 7 days a week

Solar mobile CCTV camera trailer

Australian-made using the highest quality materials, our solar CCTV camera trailers offer a cost-effective alternative to security guards and pole cams. No electricity bills – powered by the sun!

Diesel mobile CCTV camera trailer

Explore our diesel-powered mobile CCTV camera trailers. Perfect for indoor security, locations across Australia with high rainfall, short and long-term deployment. Easy to set up, easy to set down – CCTV footage recorded 24/7!

Solar and Diesel mobile CCTV camera trailer

Discover Mobile Camera Security’s signature hybrid model CCTV trailer. Offering both solar and diesel power, the MCS-H is a must for long-term deployment.

Battery Operated mobile CCTV camera trailer

As our smallest CCTV trailer ever, the MCS-B rapidly deploys and is powered exclusively by internal batteries. Deploy using a range of vehicles and your perfect surveillance solution for short-term monitoring.

CUBE-Cam mobile CCTV

As a construction site’s dream CCTV option, the Cube-Cam fits on a forklift for easy relocations. Monitor staff, supplier and customer movements from anywhere in the world using this convenient trailer cam.

Pole-Cam CCTV

Conveniently available in solar, mains or battery powered options, Polecam effectively surveils a stationary area of your choice for short and long-term deployment.