Solar Surveillance Trailer

The 24/7 solar surveillance trailer and cameras powered by the sun

This Solar Surveillance Trailer offers a powerful CCTV solution for any location. Powered by solar, you’ll receive reliable security monitoring at a fraction of the price of traditional security alternatives.

A popular surveillance trailer for construction, law enforcement, mining, crowd monitoring and more.

Custom-made in Australia, receive 24/7 customer support and a 12-month guarantee.


Access CCTV footage on mobile and PC, from anywhere in the world


Turn on the system and raise the mast in just 2 switches for simple use


Solar panels installed for complete self-contained power

On average, Solar CCTV saves 50%
on operational surveillance costs

Seamless Sun-Powered CCTV Solutions
  • Unparalleled situational awareness
  • Vision in even the darkest locations
  • Up to 4k, evidence-quality recording
  • Rapid deployment for instant security
  • Stays awake 24/7 and never takes holidays
  • 4G/ 5G, P2P Wireless & Starlink options
  • Crystal clear, 360°, birds-eye elevated view
  • Instant alarm notifications to nominated device/s
  • Easy to transport with a wide range of vehicles
  • Unlimited deployment duration with onboard solar panels 
  • Motion and movement sensing (even outside the camera’s field of view)
  • Customisable payload for cameras, sensors, radars, thermal cameras
  • Analytic based person & vehicle detections for reliable & actionable notifications
  • Ideal for long and unattended deployments, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Minimise anti-social behavior with heightened visibility to staff, contractors, visitors and intruders
The inside electronics of a solar surveillance trailer
The inside electronics of a solar surveillance trailer


As listed

  • Receive immediate alert during threat

  • First point of contact during threat

  • 24/7 surveillance*

  • Access footage 24/7

  • Records HD footage

  • Alerts intruders automatically

  • Can be used as a reliable evidence source


per hour


$0 after initial

Solar Surveillance Camera Trailer Features:
  • 6-Metre Mast
  • Solar Panels
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Remote Monitoring System
The Solar Surveillance Camera Trailer Features:
  • CCTV Camera
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Remote Notification System
  • 800 Watt Solar System

12 Month Guarantee

24/7 Customer Support

Australian Made

Remote Power Monitoring

Victron Energy

Solar surveillance trailer remote power monitoring Victron logo
Remote monitoring mockup of Victron Energy website
Mock up of AC loads, PV charger and Grid for Victron solar solutions

Optional Extras For Your Solar CCTV Camera Trailer

Here at Mobile Camera Security, we specialise in customising CCTV trailer designs to your exact needs. With this in mind, we offer a selection of optional extras for your Solar CCTV Camera Trailer. So, no matter if you’re using this cost-effective surveillance system for monitoring staff while you’re away, events in place of security guards or for traffic monitoring. Rest assured knowing your Australian designed and manufactured system performs to your standard. Get in touch for a free quote featuring your selected extras.

  • 24/7 surveillance recording
  • Variety of camera options
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Battery powered solar charging 
  • Battery, solar and charging monitoring
  • Alarm system (flood lights, strobe lights, sirens)
  • Recording and live streams viewed through 4G or existing wireless network
  • Variety of onboard analytic options (ALPR, facial recognition and motion detection)