Mobile Camera Security POLE-CAMS Survive Category 3 Cyclone with no Damage or Downtime

In late 2023 our POLE-CAMS were put to the ultimate test, with a category 3 cyclone sweeping multiple locations across Queensland where our solar-powered CCTV systems were deployed.

While we were already confident in each POLE-CAM’s ability to withstand these tough conditions, we were proud to see them not only sustain no damage but remain fully operational through the entire storm.

All of our Australian-owned, designed and manufactured solar-powered CCTV systems are engineered to withstand some of the country’s harshest conditions, from remote desert locations with extreme heat, to cyclonic winds, and everything in between as we have certification for all wind regions Australia-wide.

If your site, event or special project requires a robust but portable and flexible surveillance and power solution, our mobile CCTV trailers and power platforms cannot be beaten.

category 3 cyclone rated security pole camera
cyclone rated security pole camera