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100% Clean and green portable solar power solution, no emissions and is completely silent in operation.

The all new Power Cube by Solar Cube Technology is a fully self-contained portable power platform for all stationary and mobile applications where AC or DC power is required in remote locations. Our Solar Power Cube is suitable for all applications including Defence, Communication, Government , Mining & Farming sectors.

Solar Power Cube, built with solid construction & attention to detail.

The unit can be deployed in a matter of minutes and once on site the Power-Cube can supply up to 1.3Kw of power per hr with an average supply per day of a massive 6.5Kw of power. Power cubes rugged aluminium construction requires no maintenance or painting and is built to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

Solar Power Cube Features and Illustration.

Power Cube can be transported on our specially designed trailer system or forklift on to your own vehicle fleet.

Patent Pending   Australian Designed & Manufactured

The Solar Power Cube is available in four different models.

Solar Cube Technology manufactures serious portable solutions from 300W to 1200W of solar input.

Solar Power Cube with all panels open.


  • Rated Solar Power 654W
  • Average Power Output (per Day) 3.45KW


  • Rated Solar Power 1035W
  • Average Power Output (per Day) 5.0KW


  • Rated Solar Power 1300W
  • Average Power Output (per Day) 6.9KW

Manufactured with transport in mind.

The Solar Power Cube has built in standard dimension forklift slots for easy on and off-loading from trucks or vans.

Solar Power Cube closed ready for transport.

All Power Cube models are 1165mm x 1165mm x 2000mm (High).

Power Cube can be transported on our specially designed trailer system or forklift on and off your own vehicle fleet.

  • PC600 Weight 350kg (Battery Dependant)
  • PC1000 Weight 485kg (Battery Dependant)
  • PC1300 Weight 550kg (Battery Dependant)

Take a closer look at Solar Cube Technology’s Power Cube.

Download the Power Cube brochure.


Solar Cube Technology

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