Cube Cam Portable Solar Powered Survelance.
Cube Cam

Cube Cam – Mobile Solar Camera Security

Cube-Cam is a compact and portable CCTV camera platform that takes the man power out of surveillance. The portable power platform is equipped with high efficiency solar panels that provide the charge to battery banks of up to 1000amps. Built tough with a  rugged alluminium chassis, low centre of gravity and drop down adjustable stabiliser legs the unit has been designed with standard pallet dimensions for ease of transport in mind.

Managed by its own on-board Computer/Network Video Recorder, Cube-Cam can be remotely and securely accessed from any computer or mobile compatible device. The NVRs also allow for a Wi-Fi log-in application within proximity ranges. A wide range of cameras are available including; PTZ / Fixed / Megapixel / Thermal / Long Range Wireless Transmission / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Cameras.

Cube Cam, Solar Powered CCTV Security

Available in 2 models, CC300 & CC600. Also available in Military Spec.


  • Solar Power 327watts
  • Battery Power 260A
  • Also available with 1000amps of battery power


  • Solar Power 654W
  • Battery Power 520amps
  • Also available with 1000amps of battery power

Patent Pending Australian Designed & Manufactured

Cube Cam Features:


High Efficiency Solar Panels

Lockable battery boxes / Solar Regulator / Battery Charger / 240V inlet plug


On-board Computer – 3-4G Modem / Monitor Switch / *Long Range WIFI


Wide Selection Of Cameras – PTZ / Fixed / Megapixel / Thermal / Long Range Wireless Transmission / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi


3.0m or 6.0m Alloy Mast, Internal Wiring Loom – Special Harden Alloy Construction / Manual Raise With Lockout Chassis


Tough Aluminium Chassis – Drop Down Adjustable Stabiliser Legs / Super Stable Platform / Low Centre Of Gravity / No Rust, No Noise, No Fuel.


1165 x 1165 x 2000mm – Standard Pallet Dimensions For Easy Transport / Fork Lift, Sling, Hiab, Or Trailer


350kg (approx.)


Speed Detection Sensors / Licence Plate Recognition / PIR Motion Detection / Thermal Imaging 360deg or PTZ / Speed Display Sign / GPS Tracker

Take a closer look at the Cube Cam mobile solar CCTV platform.

Download the Cube Cam brochure.

Cube Cam Brochure

Solar Cube Technology

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