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Proven to reduce security & monitoring costs whilst providing you with 24/7 recorded HD video.

Manage, Monitor and Control your assets at any time from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Camera Security Solar CCTV Camera Trailer or Trailer-Cam provides quick, affordable and easy Surveillance Security & Monitoring. You can access the cameras from the Office, Home or Beach, have alert emails & SMS sent direct to anyone. Motion activated infra-red camera’s look after the night time activities from up to 150 meters away, a Geo fence allows for activation of alarms and sirens for per-determined set points.

MCS Trailer-Cam is available for sale or hire.

Welcome to Mobile Camera Security

Our Company Statement

Mobile Camera Security is a young innovative company specialising in designing and building the best possible products. We INNOVATE rather than IMITATE. We were the pioneers in designing and manufacturing Solar powered CCTV security trailers in Australia. All R&D is done in-house and we don’t employ outside contractors to fit out or test any equipment. This is an advantage to us and our clients as we will only use the best available products to complete our world class show case. We wire and install all equipment ourselves and know were every wire, lead, and fuse runs within the system and how it works. All electrical wiring be it DC or AC is Australian compliant and tag tested by independent electricians. Solar is a tricky business and we have mastered the sun’s power to provide long term operational charge. To all our clients past and present, don’t believe every thing others will tell you, rather look at the facts and figures. Our competition has boldly stated incorrect facts and statements. We look at this as a compliment to our name and products we produce.

The Benefits Of A Solar CCTV Camera Trailer

The security benefits that a Solar CCTV Camera Trailer provides over traditional security guards are many:

  • Crystal clear 360° bird’s-eye elevated view.
  • Ability to readily see in the darkest environments with infrared capabilities.
  • Sense movement and motion even in areas out of camera’s field of view.
  • Records everything in HD with instant alarm notification and post-event evidence.
  • Minimisation of theft through site staff, contractor, visitor and intruder awareness of its  presence.
  • Never leaves its stationed post for meal or comfort breaks, Stays awake 24/7 with no holiday breaks

Solar powered CCTV Camera Trailers are ideal for events and crowd surveillance when security needs to be less intrusive and where large public areas need to be covered.

Remote Management & Security Of Work Sites

One of the most significant advantages of our Solar CCTV Camera Trailer is having the ability to provide management teams with the tools to monitor workplaces for operational objectives.

Teams can monitor the site location to view:

  • Progression of work being conducted
  • Appropriate and approved construction material being used
  • Location and identification of both manpower and equipment assets
  • Arrival and confirmation of product deliveries
  • Traffic management

Operational cost of our Solar CCTV Camera Trailers is less than 50% of the cost involved with traditional security guarding Operational Benefits.

Mobile Camera Security Solar CCTV Camera Trailers

Available for both Sale and Hire.

Our Trailer-Cam can both complement, and replace, traditional static security guards, mobile patrols and fixed CCTV cameras. The units are independent Mobile CCTV Stations that are capable of recording and transmitting live video footage across NextG mobile networks Long Range WI-FI, if in remote areas, using satellite options.

Each Solar CCTV Camera Trailer has its own internal on-board Computer/Network Video Recorder which can be remotely and securely accessed from any computer or mobile compatible device, with an internet connection from around the world. The NVRs also allow for a Wi-Fi log-in application within proximity ranges. Live footage can be viewed and monitored with event recording alarm warnings, sirens, lights, etc whilst also allowing simultaneous secure viewing by third parties.

One of the significant differences between existing units currently on the market and the Trailer-Cam is true autonomous use of 100% solar powered technology. The solar powered CCTV Camera Trailers are self-sufficient in operation for months on end, without human interaction or mains power connection.

  • Existing competitor models (including those with basic short-term solar applications) require diesel generators for power, which necessitates continuous re-fuelling and onsite reconfiguration.

One of the many other advantages of the Trailer-Cam system is the application of High Definition Megapixel Infrared Digital CCTV cameras which provide a substantially higher image quality in both day and night scenarios, surpassing traditional optical camera capabilities. Additionally, all our Solar CCTV Camera Trailers can be fitted with PA speaker systems that enable remote or motion detected verbal warnings to intruders.

Take a closer look at the MCS Solar Powered CCTV Camera Trailer.

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Trailer Cam. Solar Powered CCTV Camera Trailer

Australian Designed & Manufactured

  • HD Megapixel live streaming
  • Digital CCTV
  • IR Cameras
  • Thermal PTZ
  • Speed Radar Detection
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • Digital Network Video Recording
  • Loud Speakers
  • LED Floodlights
  • Multi-User login
  • Event Monitoring
  • Email & SMS Notification
  • Long range Wi-Fi
  • Remote NextG Login
Patent Pending

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