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Thermal Radar™ is an award-winning and patented security solution that provides continuous 360o situational awareness. Thermal Radar™ rotates best-in-class FLIR Tau™ 2 and Boson™ thermal sensors and incorporates custom-written, edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify, and geo-spatially locate threats within a perimeter. Our Hydra™ solution incorporates laser-illuminated and infrared (IR) Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras; when Thermal Radar™ detects a threat, it sends a slew-to-cue command to the PTZ for enhanced intelligence and target confirmation

The use of thermal imagery to detect people and objects is a premise widely accepted in military and commercial applications, given all objects emit some level of infrared energy. Most thermal cameras, however, are typically deployed on the edge of perimeters and are limited to fixed fields of view. Built on a premise of doing more with less, Thermal Radar™ protects from the “inside out” and provides a continuous, 360o coverage area, much like a typical radar system offers.

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