Cube Cam Portable Solar Powered Survelance.
Military Spec Power Cube

Drop Ready Portable Power Platform


The most powerful, rugged and portable solar powered platform on the market today. Completely silent and designed to meet the harshest environment on earth and maintain a small physical presence.

  • Easily Deployable and low cost sentry
  • Helicopter lift points
  • 1 button power-up, remote connectivity, 3G/4G, Wireless, and Intra-net comms to detect ground and airborne threats without troops present
  • Rapid and simple deployment
  • Set up a perimeter detection with 360deg Thermal
  • Listen in with sensors. Flood the area with white light


Fuel Cell Technology Models Also Available.

Data encryption capable for secure transfer of information.

  • No maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • On board PC and Recording
  • 24/7 Operational uptime
  • On-Board Panasonic tough book
  • Industrial high speed network switch
  • High speed modem and antenna

Multiple Equipment Mounts

  • Thermal & Bi-Optical Cameras
  • Can be equipped with self defence systems & automatic tracking radar
  • Ground / airborne capabilities
  • UAV Landing pad
  • Detection Sensors
  • 6 Metre Pneumatic Mast
  • 3 Metre Pneumatic Mast
  • Onboard Compressor and tank
  • Custom mast sizes available


Advanced Solar Technology

  • World’s most powerful solar modules including gas strut stability with lock in place rods

Built Tough

  • 6063T Aluminum Chassis
  • Aluminum Stabilizer legs
  • Equipment Enclosure
  • Mil Spec Powder Coating

Efficient Power – Fuel Cell Available

  • Gel Battery Technology
  • Lithium battery technology
  • Highly efficient Solar Regulator
  • Onboard Charging from mains

Easly Deployed

  • Forklift Channels
  • Rated Lifting eyes
  • Sling strap lifting
CC600-6M MIL Specifications
Solar Panels 660watts (CC600 Model)
Batteries 520amp Gel or Lithium
Charging Solar 60amp Highly Efficient Solar regulator with data
Charging mains 40amp charger + 240Vac inlet plug
Mast 6 metre Alloy/Pneumatic, Internal wiring loom
Air Control High Flow Compressor + air storage tank and valving
Management On-board Computer – 3/4G Modem / Monitor, Switch
Communication 4G Secure Network – Long Range Wireless – WI-FI- CDFM- Microwave- Satellite
Cameras Wide Selection of Cameras

PTZ / Fixed / Megapixel / Thermal

Long Range Wireless Transmission / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

Chassis Ruggedized, strong and simple Aluminium Chassis – Drop Down Adjustable Stabiliser Legs / Super Stable Platform / Low Centre of Gravity / No Rust, No Noise, No Fuel, Zero carbon footprint
Dimensions 1165 x 1165 x 2000mm – Standard Pallet Dimensions (shipping = 10 per 20ft container)
Transport Fork Lift, Sling, Hiab, Helicopter- Custom built Trailers
Weight 400kg (approx.)
Run Time Designed to operate 24/7/365 (equipment selection dependant)
Options Speed Detection Sensors / Licence Plate Recognition / PIR Motion Detection / Thermal Imaging 360deg or PTZ / Speed Display Sign / GPS Tracker


Patent Pending Australian Designed & Manufactured

Take a closer look at the Military Spec Cube Cam mobile solar CCTV platform.

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Solar Cube Technology

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